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Please Note: Prices are subject to change and items are subject to availability.

 Groceries Meat Chicken Fish & Seafood 

Dairy Refrigerated Items Frozen Items Baked Goods

Wine & Beverages Snacks & Candy Prepared Foods Non Food

 Ordering Instructions

 To place your order with us please follow the below instructions;

 Send us an email to jeff@gleibermans.com including the Item, PLU# and Quantity of each thing you want.

 (Include your Name, Phone Number(s) and Address to Ship to or Deliver to)

  Or you may order by Fax -  just follow the procedures below:

    1)     Print and fill out a copy of the FAX cover sheet by clicking the button below.

Fax Cover Sheet

2)     Print yourself a copy of the appropriate order form(s).

3)     Fill in the quantity amount(s) of the item(s) you wish to purchase.

4)     Fax completed order form(s), with the completed cover sheet, to Gleibermanís at 704.532.9111. 

5)     We will call you to confirm receipt of your fax as well as the item(s) you ordered.  We will also take down your credit card number.

6)     We will call you again when your ordered is processed and packed to confirm the actual amount being charged to your credit card.  We will also let you know the date the order is being shipped or delivered.

Click on the buttons below to see the available items to order.

Before you select your items, please read the ordering instructions below.

Click on the "Gift Card" button for our gift card program.